f! or @Frobbo


- Chat/Channel/Role/Server Management System
- Mute System
- Ban/Kick System
- DM System


- f!help (Show all Commands)
- f!bot (Shows some info about the Bot)
- f!support (Frobbo's official Discord-Server)
- f!invite (Invite the Bot to your Server)
- f!feedback [Text] (Send us Feedback!) (Use this to help us, improving the Bot!)
- f!meme (Sends a random Meme)
- f!giphy (Sends a random GIF)
- f!catfact (Sends a random Cat-Fact)
- f!chucknorris (Sends a random Chuck Norris joke)
- f!flipcoin (Flips a Coin)
- f! @User (Get info about @User)
- f! (Get info about the Guild)

Admin Commands

You need the Administrator permission for those.

- f!clear [1-98] (Clears 1-98 Messages)
- f!nickname @User [Nickname] (Changes @User's Nickname to [Nickname])
- f!bot.nickname [Nickname] (Changes Frobbo's Nickname to [Nickname])
- f!kick @User (Kicks @User)
- f!ban @User (Bans @User)
- f!unban [User-ID] (Unbans User)
- f!mute @User (Mutes @User)
- f!unmute @User (Unmute @User)
- f!add-role @User [Role] (Adds a Role to @User) [Without Role-Mentioning!]
- f!remove-role @User [Role] (Removes a Role from @User) [Without Role-Mentioning!]
- f!emoji.add [Link] [Name] (Add a Emoji from [Link] and give it a [Name])
- f!emoji.delete [Emoji-ID] (Remove a Emoji via it's [Emoji-ID])


We're out of ideas :/
Please send us Feedback with f!feedback [Text]

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